Pierce Brosnan Married A Head-Turner As Keely Shaye Smith Looked Stunning When She Was Young

September 27, 2019

Many people are surprised when they see a pair where a girl looks ordinary and a man is a real heartthrob. We believe that all people are beautiful no matter how they look. Moreover, there are many strong marriages that prove that physical appearance is not as important as personality and love. And here is this wonderful story!

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Pierce Brosnan's wife is special

Famous celebrities take their spouses along to the red carpets. Gorgeous couples are admired, while some cause bewilderment. Looking at the partners of famous actors, people often wonder: why are they together? What do the most beautiful men find in their wives? This is probably all too familiar to Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith.

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The couple got married in 2001. Keely is a Hollywood diva, but that is not all. The woman is a journalist, writer, and TV host. However, just a few people remember that she was once a model and even starred in movies.

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Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan's love story

Keely met her husband back in 1994 in Mexico when she attended a party with the intention of interviewing actor Ted Danson. Their relationship developed very rapidly, and both their sons, Dylan and Paris, were born even before their official wedding ceremony.

During all the years of marriage, they have hardly ever separated. Keely worked hard and she was always busy with their children. However, she accompanied her beloved husband to all events and often visited him at filming sets far from home.

Their relationships are really incredible. Looking at the pictures of them together, it becomes clear that her appearance was probably one of the reasons why Pierce fell in love with the woman.

Not only did she help the actor recover after the loss of his first spouse (Cassandra Harris died of ovarian cancer in 1991), but also took their children in as her own. Unfortunately, Pierce’s daughter, Charlotte, lost her battle to cancer in 2013.

Pierce and Keely are well-known as one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. For years, they’ve supported different charities and environmental causes. Also, they are incredibly close and devoted to each other.

However, for years, besides their sweet relationship, there has been another thing widely discussed in the media: Keely's appearance. It would seem that the rich woman could have easily done like many others and got in “Hollywood” shape in no time.

Keely gained weight and it didn’t go away. It may well be the result of problems with the thyroid gland, as reported by some media. The actor’s wife doesn’t look worse with a few extra pounds: yes, she’s not as slim as she used to be, but she hasn’t lost any of her former beauty. Keely looks so gorgeous, doesn't she?

Women around the world try to conform to certain ideals, to change for the sake of their beloved. This task was probably more difficult or less of a priority for Keely. And she proved that romantic feelings don’t depend on how much a woman physically transforms over the years.