Like A Different Person: Paparazzi Photographed Sarah Jessica Parker From A Bad Angle In Swimsuit During Vacation At The Beach

September 14, 2019

Sarah Jessica Parker became a world-renowned superstar at the end of the 90s. TV viewers immediately fell in love with the series Sex and the City, a rather daring and unformatted show for that time. Over two decades have passed since the release of the first episode, but the actresses who starred in the project are still loved and recognized.

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Talented actress

Sarah has gone on to star in numerous films and TV shows since that time. One of her remarkable appearances was in the comedy series Divorce. In addition to her, the success she runs her own company that specializes in creating content for various TV channels, particularly for HBO.

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Sarah is not only a sought-after actress. She is a devoted wife to Matthew Broderick, whom she met while still working in theater. The couple raises 3 children.

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Diminutiveness has always been one of Sarah's key features. Even after her 50th birthday, she looked like a young girl. However, some people don’t stop paying attention to her pronounced wrinkles around her expressive eyes.

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Wrong angle

Back in July 2019, the actress was vacationing on the beach, where, as expected, she was caught by the paparazzi. Sarah wasn’t eager to pose, but the few shots that were taken show us she is still in great shape.

A simple and modest monokini of deep dark shade is an excellent solution for a beach holiday for women of any age, isn't it?

Nevertheless, the photographers managed to catch the actress in a not very attractive position. Agreed, if it weren’t for her age she could be “suspected” of being pregnant.

However, let’s not be too harsh. Not all of us aren't at our best most times. Moreover, we don’t want to have to control ourselves in the rare moments of vacation.

How did she manage to keep such a beautiful figure? As a resident of a hasty city, she often walks by foot – about 4 miles, or 10 thousand steps daily. In addition, there are several staircases in her house, which also make the actress move a lot. In summer, Parker sometimes finds time for swimming and kayaking. Sarah is also regularly engaged in power training and adheres to the principles of proper nutrition.

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Parker is a clear example that wealth and fame aren’t all that is needed to look much younger than your age. Your appearance is your own hard work. What about you? What do you think about her “beach” figure? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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