Man Who Was Called "Too Handsome" Got Married, But Fans Are Disappointed With His Choice Of Wife

December 18, 2019

Remember, a few years ago, the name of Omar Borkan was everywhere in the media? What made the news was that this man was asked to leave the festival for being too handsome.

Being too handsome

Of course, it might not be easy to be such a handsome man, as it is impossible for him to stay unnotices wherever he goes.

The handsome man managed to get married and have a child. It would seem that there was no more cause for publicity, but no! Only this time, it wasn’t Omar who landed in the spotlight.

For a long time, he didn’t advertise his personal life. Female followers scrutinized his photos, dreaming about the enviable bachelor. What a mixture of emotions they must have felt when he started posting photos with his wife and son!

Fans' reaction

Now, there is a lot of resentment in the comments to his pictures. Some are convinced that she is not a match for him. Others claim they are disappointed by his choice.

Yasmin is not a media person. However, thanks to the former glory of her current husband, thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of girls from all over the world learned her name. And they are seriously indignant! Here are just a few comments (original spelling preserved).


Why did he married her???


To much Botox 😖ugly face

Even though it seems that macho's fans are not satisfied with his choice, Omar looks very happy next to Yasmin! And that is what indeed matters!