Controversial But Stunning: Pamela Anderson Demonstrated Her Oddly Shaped Décolletage In A Glittering Black Dress

November 11, 2019 11:33

Pamela Anderson is a blond bombshell whose acting and model career peaked in the late 80s and early 90s. The girl with a beautiful face and a stunning figure used to be the dream of thousands of men all over the world. She was also an inspiration for many women. But how does she look today?

What has Pamela Anderson done to her body?

Plastic surgery was the hottest trend of that time and Pamela fell for it, like many others. She was excited to change herself and increased her lips, erased facial wrinkles, and had mammoplasty. The actress’ appearance became even more sensational!

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One of the drawbacks of plastic surgery lies in the fact that many of its "victims" don’t know when to stop perfecting their appearance. Pamela was no exception.

Once Anderson stepped out in a glittering black dress with thin straps.

The dress wasn’t Pamela’s best choice as it highlighted her décolletage. The outfit revealed some folds around the chest evidently caused by the strong tension of the skin.

Despite the weird dress, Pamela was stunning.

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Never afraid to create a bit of controversy, Pamela Anderson always looks incredible. She has changed quite a bit since she was young, but we still love her.

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