No Pilot With Beard Allowed And 6 Other Interesting Facts About Aviation Hardly Anyone Has Ever Heard Of

September 11, 2019 23:26

People have always wanted to learn one skill, impossible for the human body – fly like a bird. Luckily, a little over a hundred years ago, it became a reality when Orville Wright made the first flight in the United States. He managed to fly 122 feet during 12 seconds. Over the course of a century, aviation has made great progress, and now we no longer imagine our lives without air travel.

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We present a few aviation facts, which hardly anyone has ever heard about.

1. Military pilots wore silk scarves

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When the air force had just begun to develop, the pilots who served for their countries wore silk handkerchiefs. This wasn’t a tribute to their romantic profession – it was rather a necessity. The uniform collars were very rigid, and the pilot had to turn his head so frequent that poor men rubbed their necks until bleeding. Silk handkerchiefs saved the skin from friction.

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2. Cool air in the airplane is kept for our good

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During the flight, we often want to wrap ourselves in a blanket. We tend to regret not taking a warmer jacket, even though it’s summer outside. However, the low temperature on the plane is preserved not because the airline authorities try to save money on heating. Low temperatures reduce the risk of getting hypoxia during pressure drops on big altitudes.

3. Pilots shouldn’t have beards

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We are sure you haven’t seen a single bearded pilot. Dense facial hair is prohibited. In case of an emergency, the oxygen mask will fail to stick on the pilot’s face. So, having a beard may deprive him of the possibility to do everything possible to save the people– the pilots must fully retain consciousness to help others.

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4. The plane crew also suffers from delays

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Don’t rush to blame the flight attendant if your plane is delayed. Personnel, serving the aircraft, also suffer inconveniences, and their time spent to wait for the take-off isn’t paid as usual.

5. Pilots may leave the aircraft control panel

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Yes, they can even go to the toilet. However, in this case, his place is occupied by a flight attendant, who monitors the condition of the second pilot. In case of an emergency, they will be able to call for help.

6. An ordinary person can’t land a plane

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Whatever they show in Hollywood movies, an ordinary person can’t land a plane. This is a difficult procedure that the pilots study for years.

7. Intriguing statistics:

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  1. Each year, 5 billion people use airlines’ services.
  2. Every 2 seconds, one aircraft takes off and lands somewhere in the world.
  3. Every day, about 3 million people fly around the world.
  4. With all this in mind, only 5% of the world’s population has ever been on an airplane!

What do you know about aviation? Are there any other interesting facts to share? Tell us in the comments!

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