The Night Language Of The Body: Sleeping Pose With A Partner Reveals About The Relationship According To A Sleep Researcher

October 7, 2019 23:32

Do you love sleeping? Most of us really love spending time with a pillow and a promising pile of blankets. But have you ever pay attention to your sleeping pose? As it turns out, it can say a lot about your personality and even your relationship. Let's found out more.

Every person sleeps in her own way. While some people like to fall asleep sideways, others sleep on the stomach or back. It can be hard to choose the most comfortable position even if you sleep alone, but what about sleeping with your partner?

When you are in a relationship, you have to share your blanket and a part of your bed. Sometimes it can cause your sleeping position to change. Africa Studio /

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The sleeping pose with your partner can tell a lot about your relationship

It turns out that the positions in which you sleep with your partner can tell a lot about your relationship. Psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell, who studied body language at night, wrote the book Sleep Positions where he described the connection between sleeping pose and relationships. His book was first printed over 40 years ago, however, it is still popular because it easily explains all the details of sleeping positions.

1. Facing each other


Usually, honeymooners sleep like this more often, showing their affection and emotional devotion. The partners keep a small distance but they are one single “body.” After opening their eyes, they will immediately see each other. This position is so intimate and it can help the couple to get closer.

2. Spooning


Spooning is a great position for a couple where partners love each other. This pose means the closest physical and emotional intimacy since spooning would be impossible without intimate touch. A husband, as a general rule, lies at the back, demonstrating his dominant position. During sleep, however, the couple can switch places, since the powerful convergence takes place in this position quite often.

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3. Back to back


This position means that the partners’ backs or other body parts touch each other and don’t move away. Back to back pose says that partners have enough personal space but at the same time they need each other. Most often, such a posture is typical for couples who have already tested their relationship, feel good together, and know that the partner won’t blame them for a comfortable position, even if it doesn’t include hugs.

4. Hugging


This position means close body intimacy during sleep. As a rule, couples in the early stages of a relationship chose it. They just begin to sleep in the same bed. Sometimes, this pose is usual for the couples who have been married for many years – it demonstrates their incredible love for each other.

5. Cheek on the chest


This position is very common among couples who have a very close spiritual and physical relationship. The man lies on his back, and the woman lies on her side with her cheek on to the partner’s chest. Such a position symbolizes tenderness, unity, and trust.

6. “I won’t disturb you”


Quite a selfish position, especially if a couple has a small bed! One partner has more than half of the bed while the other sleeps beside. This position can symbolize dominance over the one who quietly huddles on the edge.

7. Turning away from each other


The backs of the partners don’t touch each other. The first interpretation is such a position is common for all couples who had a fight before going to sleep. Partners just don't want to communicate so sleep in such a way. The constant and total absence of physical intimacy during sleep is a hint that a problem is hidden somewhere in a relationship. Something is wrong in the relationship and the problems can ruin love in this case.

What is your sleep pose with your partner? Do you like to stay close with your partner when you sleep or do you need more space? Do you agree with the description? Share your opinions in the comments.

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