Hairdresser Cuts Off Girl's Rapunzel-Like Tail And She Ends Up Being So Trendy!

December 23, 2019 13:03

When you're a child, time flows differently for you. One child's month equals one adult's year! Kids grow up by the minute and learning new things about this world; they want change! Likewise, the little heroine of this video clip wanted to grow up by changing her hairstyle and she went for a revolutionary experiment.

Africa Studio /

Stunning transformation

In the video, you can see how the hairdresser "dishonored a samurai" by cutting her top knots off. But it's good that it doesn't take place in feudal Japan and the girl is not a samurai.


Seems when the girl's baby teeth had fallen out, she decided to show to her family that she's no longer a kid! By cutting off her long hair, the young girl made everyone see that she's entering a new stage of her life.

The stylist handles the child playfully and even presents her with her cut tail. Who knows, maybe she'll keep it as a lucky charm or as a reminder of this act of bravery. After the hairdresser's work, nobody has any doubts that this experiment was the right thing to do. The girl started to look older and is ready to get gifts from boys in the kindergarten.

Kids often feel like their hair is an inherent part of their bodies. Therefore, making such a decision is very brave of the child and it was totally worth it! What an incredible transformation!