It Takes One Detail To Ruin Image: 5 Things That Give Away An Ungroomed Woman

December 16, 2019 11:34

In the modern world, when there is an abundance of everything, many people forget that true beauty lies in the details. A well-groomed woman doesn’t necessarily have to be dressed in expensive clothes from head to toe. Even one unfortunate nuance can spoil an image!

No matter how stylish, expensive or fashionable you look, it takes one detail to ruin your image.

Here are 5 things that give away an ungroomed woman

1. Upper lip hair

Timonina /

Despite the fact that even cosmetic brands set the course for natural beauty and are not shy to publish models with mustaches, in everyday life, these unwanted hairs will barely adorn any girl. Part with pesky facial hair without regret! Fortunately, now there are a lot of options for this – from tweezers and sugaring, to laser hair removal.

2. Dirty shoes

Imagine some dirt on this beauty’s boots. Will the image remain as pretty? Unlikely! Watch your shoes, clean them regularly, and carry a small sponge in your handbag to deal with unforeseen situations.

3. Shabby bag

A disheveled and old handbag won’t make you look classy, regardless of the brand. If it needs mending or care, get it repaired or… throw it out.

4. Neglected hands

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Shabby nails, a lack of at least hygienic manicure, or outgrown nails give away an ungroomed woman. You don’t have to wear polish on your nails, just make sure the nails and cuticle look neat!

5. Dirty hair

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This is the number 1 rule. Find time to wash your hair. It won’t take many of your precious minutes. Another option is to use dry shampoo, but remember that it only helps for a few hours.

Do you have your own criteria that make a well-groomed woman? Tell us in the comments!

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