Why It Is Unacceptable To Punish A Child, And What Are The Alternatives

January 8, 2020

Physical punishment is one of the most common upbringing methods for disobedient children. Many parents give their child a hiding without hesitation, and the most desperate ones even grab a belt! Is such a method of education appropriate and are there any alternatives?

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Psychologists say that even harmless smacks on the bottom can be dangerous to the physical health of the child. Moreover, such punishment doesn’t really work!

5 important reasons not to spank a child

Studies show that physical punishment is harmful at any stage of a child’s development.

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1. “Might makes right”

Hurting someone is wrong, considering that children are defenseless and depend on you. Regular physical punishment leads to shaping a world perception from a position of strength, damaging a child’s fragile psyche.

2. Raising a future aggressor

Children who were physically punished in childhood may become hooligans and offenders of their own children and spouses in the future. When you slap your child, you teach him or her to use violence as a way to resolve conflicts!

3. "Discipline equals love"

The child begins to doubt his parents' love during corporal punishment. Even worse, if children begin to perceive hidings as a manifestation of attention, it causes them to provoke mom or dad to new punishments. Just imagine how this will affect your future life!

4. Physical punishment can cause illnesses

A child who is regularly punished has its normal body functioning disrupted, leading to immune system deterioration and the emergence of various diseases.

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5. Your child is alright – it’s all about you

By punishing a child physically, you show your own powerlessness. Such behavior is a sign of personal immaturity!

6. Physical punishment doesn’t work

Fear of a spanking turns a child into an animal. Do you want this? In addition, as a rule, hidings change little in behavior.

Are there alternatives?

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So, how do you influence a child without resorting to physical punishment? Let's look at alternative tried and tested methods:

  1. Pleasure deprivation. Just keep in mind that the offense and punishment should be directly proportional.
  2. Ignoring. To be deprived of parental attention is difficult for any child. Use this method very carefully!
  3. Personal example. Remember, your child tends to be like you!
  4. Using words to explain your feelings. Learn to express what you want from your child.
  5. Temporary arrest. Place the offending child in the corner for a time-out, where he or she must sit alone and be utterly silent for a predetermined amount of time. The benefits are obvious: they will be punished and calm down!

As you can see, raising a child doesn’t require physical punishment. What other ways to influence naughty kids do you know?

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