Tiny Mites On Face: Common Symptoms Of Demodex Folliculorum And Preventive Measures

November 14, 2019 13:11

Most of us already know about the presence of various bacteria and microorganisms on the surface of our skin. As a rule, they don’t pose a significant threat to our health and body functioning if we adhere to the rules of hygiene.

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Probably, it will be unpleasant for many to learn that tiny mites also live on the face of almost every adult person. Moreover, their number increases every year.

Demodex folliculorum is a special kind of arachnids that can survive and reproduce exclusively on human skin.

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They spend most of their life in hair follicles. Demodex folliculorum feeds with sebum, a protective and moisture-retaining substance. For this reason, their populations are also actively developing in the greasiest facial areas – on ​​the forehead, nose, and chin.

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The number of these microorganisms is normally regulated by human immune system. At the same time, these mites are absent on a child almost up to 10 years. Presumably, infection occurs through contact with adults, in particular, mothers.

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If some people don’t even know about the existence of these tiny mites, others associate their presence with various dermatological problems. The exact mechanism of their influence isn’t studied yet. It is believed that they are able to tolerate pathogenic bacteria, and also contribute to the blockage of hair follicles.

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The deterioration of the skin condition due to the activity of Demodex folliculorum can be noticeable in case of the following symptoms:

  • increased roughness and sensitivity (also a burning sensation);
  • redness, peeling, itching of the skin;
  • eczema;
  • unreasonable exacerbation of dermatological diseases.

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People with a weakened immune system (and with HIV), chronic skin diseases, including dermatitis, acne, rosacea, blepharitis, alopecia, are at increased risk of mites infestation. It is worth noting that the connection between Demodex folliculorum and all these problems isn’t proved completely. Damaged skin can create an additional favorable environment for them. Also, mites can exacerbate these dermatological problems.

The most frequent complication in people with a large accumulation of these arachnids on their face is demodicosis. It is manifested by increased sensitivity of the skin, the appearance of itchy redness around the hair follicles.

In general, there are two options of treatment:

  1. Local - special soap, tonic, oinments (prescribed by doctor);
  2. General - blood sugar control, healthy lifestyle to improve immune system. Doctor is the one who can find the reason of the weakened immune system.

As a rule, it is impossible to get rid of Demodex folliculorum completely. It isn’t too pleasant to realize that tiny mites are present on the face of almost every one of us. However, if you understand that their existence causes or deteriorates dermatological problems, you should contact the supervising physician. A number of medical drugs effectively prevent their reproduction and may be an additional tool in dealing against certain skin diseases.

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