Distasteful request: American Airline Asks Family With Child To Leave Because Of Passengers’ Complaints About Their Body Odor

September 13, 2019 01:38

Most people think that bad body smell is caused by the bad hygiene, but the resent research offers another opinion.

According to the Medical News Today, it is the smell our bodies give out when bacteria are breaking down protein into particular acids.

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Sometimes, it is an indicator of certain disease. For example, a fruity smell is a diabetes symptom caused by high levels of ketones in the bloodstream.

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Sometimes bad body odor can cause unpleasant situations. That is exactly what happened with the Adler family, who were about to fly home after the vacation.

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The whole family with the 19-month-old daughter was walked out of an American Airline plane because other passengers allegedly accused them of smelling bad.

The Adler family were crushed by the allegations, and they even went around the airport asking several people if they smelled.

They believe the company had some hidden motives for escorting them off the airplane.

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The airline made arrangements for shelter and food for the family that night. They finally made it to Detroit on the next day and reconvened with their luggage.

How embarrassing it was!

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