Bride Bursts Into Tears As She Sees Her Students Singing A Touching Song At Her Wedding

October 15, 2019

Do you remember your teachers? Most of us remember our best teachers and the valuable lessons they taught us.

Good teachers are absolutely incredible people. Their passion to treat the children with all the kindness and generosity they possess is off the charts! When you have really good teachers, you want to pay them back and do everything you can show them your appreciation. And in this story students prepared a very special gift for their teacher! It was a wedding surprise song!

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Like any normal person, teachers also have their special days. Although they treat their students like family, no one can invite dozens of students to their special event, right? These students weren't sure.

Students surprised their teacher at her wedding

Meet Liz! She is a talented teacher based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. The woman teaches Dance and Musical Theatre, and she absolutely loves her students.

When Liz and her partner Ollie got engaged, her pupils were very happy for her.

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Liz's soon-to-be husband knew that she adores her students, so he came up with a unique idea for a wedding gift.

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When Ollie and Liz were standing at the altar, people in the church began to turn around as they noticed something unusual.

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Liz didn't notice anything, but then her husband pointed at children behind her.

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When Liz realized what was happening, she immediately burst into tears.

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All her students were there, singing their hearts out in the choir loft.

Without Liz's suspecting anything, her fiance had gone behind her back and met up with her music students. Together, they prepared a perfect rendition of Christina Perri's song 'A Thousand Years.'

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Liz's husband met with the students and organized this special wedding surprise because he knew how she loved them. It's such an honor to sing at your teacher's wedding!

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What we can't quite grasp is how well the children kept such a giant secret under wraps! As kids, they must have been bustling to share what they all were preparing for!

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However, the kids managed to keep everything a secret, and perhaps that made their sweet tribute to Ms. Liz even more touching! We recommend that the most sensitive reader should have some tissues in hand before watching the video.

What a sweet story! The touching surprise meant the world to this bride. We are sure Liz will remember this day forever. And what do you think? Do you like the performance?

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