Optical Puzzle To Check Brain Power: Can You Find What Is Wrong In The Picture?

November 7, 2019 19:23

Riddles and brain teasers are beneficial for your brain health. They are challenging so your brain starts to work faster and better. And let’s not forget, they are absolutely fun!

Many researchers agree that if we train our brains to teasers, riddles and puzzles, our problem-solving skills tend to be better in the long run.

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Benefits of brain teasers

Solving puzzles and riddles have various benefits. Here are some of them. Brain teasers can:

  • boost brain activity;
  • enhance memory;
  • Improve concentration levels;
  • reduce boredom (it works like magic);
  • reduce the risk of dementia.

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These benefits are amazing, aren't they? This is why you should take a look at this brain teaser.

Optical riddle to check your attentiveness

Give it a good look and find out what is wrong in the picture.

We know that all you see at first are just a bunch of shoes but, trust us, if you look closer, you will find something wrong in the image.

Okay, maybe you have been staring for a while, and nothing seems to be weird. You probably need some tips on how to improve your problem-solving skills.

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The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness suggests the following as ways of becoming a good problem-solver:

1. Dancing: Science proves that this simple activity can positively impact neural processing.

2. Sleep well: We all know that the benefits of sleep are far-reaching so there really should be no surprise that good sleep can improve your cognitive performance.

3. Create some psychological distance: Put some mental distance between you and the brain teaser. Just forget about it for a moment and then return to the problem.

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4. Get involved in sports: No, this does not mean video games but actual sports.

When you are physically active, your brain multitasks between moving, staying ahead of the game, strategizing, etc., and this can have tremendous value in problem-solving.

5. Work with music: Trying to crack a puzzle while some music is playing in the background is said to be effective.

Have you tried these tips?

If you are still struggling with the answer, we’ll help you out.

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The odd thing about the picture is that the pink sneakers are both left feet while the rest are left and right feet.

If you didn’t solve this puzzle, don’t worry. You will get it next time. Meanwhile, keep attempting brain teasers to increase your brain power.

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