Adorable Couple Ballroom Impressed The Crowd By Swing Dancing To “Play That Funky Music”

November 18, 2019 15:25

Dancing competitions are a lot of fun for both the audience and the dancers, as they are always stunning. This was exactly the case for this amazing dance couple, who had the time of their life while performing at The USA Grand National Dance Championship. An incredible viral dance video left many people in awe.

The competition, which has been held over the Memorial Day weekend since 1995, brings people of timbre and caliber from all places of the country to participate in its several divisions.

Bruce Gleason / YouTube

One of its toughest categories include the West Coast Swing category and, although it has gathered numerous various dancers, it had never witnessed anyone like Bryn Anderson and Ken Rutland before.

Viral dance video

Bryn began her journey as a West Coast Swing dancer when she was just five years old. The dancer has ever since done her best to get creative as she infuses dance styles like jazz, ballet, and latin into her routines.

Bruce Gleason / YouTube

Her partner, Ken, on the other hand, did not have the experience she did, as he spent the majority of his life as a hip-hop dancer. His change in style and preference came when he switched to partner dancing seven years ago.

Couple dances to “Play That Funky Music”

Ken and Bryn had only been dancing together for a year before their stunning performance at the competition. The pair looked bold and ready to tango in bright red shirts paired with black pants, as they danced to the iconic tune ‘Play that Funky Music’, by Wild Cherry.

The dancing couple incorporated not one, but several dance styles into their performance and left the judges in awe. It came as no surprise that the duo bagged the 1st place position and was named the Rising Stars of that year.

Bruce Gleason / YouTube

The brilliant performance immediately went viral. The dance couple certainly has a bright future ahead of them. They definitely will have long careers in the world of dance! And what do you think? Do you like the performance? Share your thoughts in comments!

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