Baby In The Belly: A Photographer Capture Adorable Pictures To Show How A Baby Fits In The Womb

November 19, 2019 17:44

One of the most adorable things many pregnant women love to do is imagining what their growing baby looks like. Then, when they give birth, they may even wonder how their little infant fit inside their belly. Have you ever wondered how your baby managed to fit inside your body?

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Baby in the womb

One photographer has something special to show you, and she's not using illustrations. Rather, she uses real photos of the baby to show you how it works.

Marry Fermont, a photographer who lives in the Netherlands shared some of these adorable pictures on her Facebook page.

While speaking to Baby Center, Marry explained that she first started documenting this moment after she had her own baby. The midwife was showing the parents how the baby was positioned inside the womb.

She soon started capturing similar moments for other parents.

Sweet pictures show how a baby looks in the womb

Marry, who also teaches birth photography, encouraged parents to ask their midwife for this pose after childbirth.

One thing people would like to know is if holding babies this way was safe. Couldn't they fall?

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Marry assured that this had never happened. In fact, the little ones were super relaxed and comfortable in this position. They are already used to being folded up this way for months.

The photographer also added that it wasn't really difficult to get the babies into this position as it comes naturally to them. So far, the babies have been very cooperative.

Marry explained that many new mothers, after holding their babies, find it hard to imagine the child fitting in their belly. This was what motivated her to do these shoots.

She often hears the disbelief in the parents' voices and, to help soothe their curiosity, midwives started to show the pose.

This is birth photography like none other, and Marry Fermont has managed to demystify the concept of a growing fetus with several camera clicks!

These pictures are adorable. Do you agree? Have you ever wondered how your baby managed to fit inside your belly? Share your experience in comments!