MacDonald's Restaurant In Tennessee Became Famous After A Picture Of Jesus Decoration Was Noticed On Its Window

November 5, 2019 14:44

We believe that the time from Halloween to New Year is the greatest time of the year. Wonderful things are happening during this period.

The Christmas season is upon us and, like the carols often go, it's a season to be jolly and happy. Many people would agree that while dates like Thanksgiving and Easter, for instance, are pretty nice, Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of year.

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All over the world, as Christmas day approaches, people carry out frenzied preparations, so that their families have a splendid celebration.

During this time of the year, while driving through town, one can easily get lost in the glitz and glamour of decorations. The trees, the lights, the nostalgic music, even the smells - all come together to indicate that the season has arrived. Sometimes decorations are so heart-warming! Let's remember one of those inspiring stories about Christmas.

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What one woman saw while she was driving past a McDonald's made her do a quick double-take owing to surprise. She even had to take a picture.

Unusual Christmas decorations on the McDonald's window

The window display set up by the McDonald's employees sent out a compelling message to passersby. Amy was driving past the restaurant and saw their message.

The founder of ‘Your Path, His Plan,’ a Christian blog, Amy was only too happy that the nativity scene was placed on the McDonald's window for all to see.

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She immediately took a picture and hastily posted it on Facebook with a caption that showed how happy she was that there were people who still knew who Christmas was really about.

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On either side of the display were two powerful messages of faith, ‘His name is Jesus’ and ‘Rejoice’.

Amy's picture has since gone viral. It has been shared more than 81,000 times and liked by more than 136,000 Facebookers.

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Christians around the world applauded McDonald's for remind us of the true meaning and reason behind Christmas.

It gives us a renewed sense of faith to see that, although we enjoy Santa, his elves, and the reindeers, we have not forgotten that Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

We can't wait to see what decorations this McDonald's will chose this year? And what about you? Did you like the nativity scene?

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