4-Year-Old Twins Perform "The Nutcracker" On Ice - And It's Impossible To Hide Admiration

November 18, 2019 15:22

Watching small kids gives us so much pleasure! They melt our hearts with their ingenuousness and innocence.

These talented kids stole our hearts! The Nutcracker, the classic Christmas ballet, is popular worldwide, and these little dancers picked it up perfectly well for their performance.

© 2DoubleEdge / YouTube

The dance on ice performed by these twins is so adorable! Just look at them!

© 2DoubleEdge / YouTube

These young skaters are actually twin brother and sister Katarina and Dakota DelCamp. It is obvious they are just making their first steps in skating, but their enthusiasm and dedication evoke admiration.

© 2DoubleEdge / YouTube

Figure skating is not just a sport, it is a real art! Besides keeping perfect balance on those blades and performing dangerous tricks, you get to be artistic, rhythmical and graceful!

© 2DoubleEdge / YouTube

4-year-olds Katarina and Dakota manage to combine this all in a cute, childish way. Watch the video yourself, and you will see what we are talking about!

This video of them was watched millions of times on YouTube! It was uploaded in 2008, so now they are teenagers.

© Katarina DelCamp / Instagram

Katarina is a successful figure skater and she is now a proud member of the American figure skating team!

She is dedicating her Instagram page to her figure skating life, and it is obvious, she got much more professional since age 4.

She performs those tricks as it is so easy and effortless.

The twins are incredibly close and share a passion for figure skating. Maybe they will amuse us with another performance on ice!

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