Is French President Gay? Brigitte Macron Strives To Take Revenge On The Rumors’ Instigator

October 19, 2018 18:52

The unexpectedly emerged rumors about President Emmanuel Macron's sexual orientation have been recently stirring the public.

Some people have repeatedly claimed that he is homosexual. President Emmanuel Macron is suspected of being gay and hiding it from the public. Moreover, people even accused him of using his marriage with Brigitte Macron as a cover-up. The unpleasant rumors are particularly unbearable for the First Lady, especially after her husband was rumored to have an affair with the CEO of Radio France, Mathieu Gallet.

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Emmanuel Macron seems to have serious problems with his reputation.

But it is Brigitte Macron who seems particularly hurt. She has lived through a lot of challenges and had to answer more than her fair share of disturbing questions. Luckily, Emmanuel Macron realized the situation and intervened just in time to protect his own and his wife’s honor.

During a trip to a meeting at the Bobino Theater in Paris, Emmanuel Macron tried to comment on the recent rumor:

My haters like to spread the idea that I am homosexual; that I have a hidden life or even worse. This is especially unpleasant for Brigitte. I can assure you, since she has spent most of her life together with me, including the nights, she will easily help you disprove these rumors!

He then added firmly:

I can’t imagine myself without her!

As always, the president sounded confident. His statement was a good response to the annoying rumors. Moreover, according to some information, it seems that Michèle Marchand, the former president’s media adviser has “traced the source” of the rumors but haven’t provided any information yet. That’s why Brigitte Macron seems to continue feeling insecure.

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She promised the instigator of the rumors:

It wasn’t wise to start spreading fake information.

The First Lady’s statements followed the release of a new book titled “Mimi,” devoted specifically to Michèle Marchand. The book also mentions the couple’s relationship, particularly the president's sexual orientation.

Even though rumors about the president’s alleged homosexuality have hurt the Macrons, Brigitte and Emmanuel are wise enough not let them get under their skin. They showed once again that their family bonds are stronger than anything else.

Not surprisingly, the rumors have caused some stormy reactions among the Internet users.

What do you think about the rumors? Are they reasonable or should be considered as another attempt to increase popularity? Share your opinions in the comments.

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