Biaggio Ali Walsh: A Model, Football Player, And Grandson Of Muhammad Ali

December 1, 2017

Biaggio Ali Walsh was recruited by the University of California to be a running back on the football team and is also a model with Wilhelmina Models. He's only 19 years old, and best of all, he's the grandson of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. It's an impressive CV for his age, right?

Some will remember the famous phrase said by Muhammad: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Biaggio has a butterfly on his Instagram story, another tattooed on his left arm and a bee on his right arm, an homage to his grandfather, no doubt.

Biaggio grew up in Las Vegas and, together with his brother, Nico (a boxer like his grandfather),  spent the time they had with their grandpa, who they called "Poppy."

"On Thanksgiving and whenever we had the chance, we would drive to Arizona or fly to Michigan to spend time with him. He loved magic tricks, so Nico would bring his magic kit and we taught him some fun tricks," said Walsh in an interview.

Biaggio is the son of Bob Walsh and Rasheda Ali-Walsh. He tried to follow in his grandfather's footsteps inside the boxing career, but he realized that it wasn't the sport for him.

My brother and I trained for boxing from an early age with my uncle. Nico developed a huge passion for the sport, but I didn't feel the same way.

Instead, he did develop a passion for American football, a career which he began in high school.

Plus, an agent from Wilhelmina Models recruited him in 2016. Now, we've seen him in magazines such as ‘At LArge’ and ‘Vogue Italia’.

Balancing his careers of being a model and athlete hasn't been a problem for him. On his Instagram account, we can see some photos where he shares his two passions.

His grandpa would definitely be very proud of him.

Source: wmagazine

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