5 Tips To Help Make Raising Babies Easier From The Triplets' Mother

December 15, 2017

Karae Coursey is a woman who enjoys her children, but the fact is that motherhood for her and her husband, Bryant Coursey, hasn't been easy. After having her first child, Kanon, she decided to repeat the process, but this time she could feel that things weren't the same. In fact, it was so different that, instead of one baby, she was pregnant with three at once.

Raising children is a complicated task, since we must balance raising them with life's responsibilities and daily routines. The triplets had such an impact on their life that the couple decided to create an Instagram account to share their photos, experiences, and some tips that can help other parents.

Here are some of Karae's tips to help make raising kids easier.

1. Clothes are a great way of differentiating between twins or triplets.

When babies look very similar, sometimes it can be complicated to tell them apart right away. Karae likes to dress her daughters in the same outfits, but with a few techniques to identify them. For example, their shirts are numbered according to their birth order: 1, 2, and 3.

2. Personalizing objects is the best option to prevent disease transmission and annoyances.

When babies begin to gain more independence (for example, when her twins started to have their own bottles), confusion can happen more easily. For this, Karae has used techniques to personalize clothing labels, bottles, toys, etc. It's important to guarantee that none of the products used are toxic or harmful for children's health.

3. Traveling is no longer as simple and requires planning.

Taking care of the kids requires many details and products. For that, Karae recommends that, when you go out, you organize the babies' things the day before. If not, life becomes a pain and you'll end up late to every activity.

4. Be patient when it comes to changing the babies' diets.

Any change is tough, and it's even harder for a baby. Karae recommends mothers staying patient in order to make a successful switch from the bottle to the plate and spoon. They're going to start ingesting new foods, so it's best not to force things. Every baby will need their own time and respecting that will make the adaptation less torturous.

5. Find the game which entertains each one of your babies.

Even though babies may be twins or triplets, they can have very different tastes. It's important to find out which are the tastes of each one, so that everybody is happy and relaxed, allowing adults to do what they need to.

We hope that these recommendations from an experienced woman who has raised triplets and a son prove to be useful to readers. Whether we have 1, 2, or 3 kids, tips are always welcome.

Source: Huffington Post

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