7 Signs Of Nerve Damage And Their Most Common Causes

April 12, 2018

The human body's nervous system is quite amazing, and is involved in all activities that the body performs: Walking, breathing, feeling temperature, tasting, and much more. However, when this system suffers damage, the body is affected, and one or more of these functions becomes compromised.

The most common causes of nerve damage are:

1. Cancer

Cancerous tissue can put pressure on some nerves, damaging them or preventing them from working properly.

2. Impact injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common example of nerve damage as a result of an injury.

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3. Motor diseases

The main problem of sclerosis and other disorders is the nerve damage they cause.

4. Other significant causes

Severe nutritional problems, diabetes, drugs, and infectious diseases.

With this in mind, it's important to be aware of the most important 7 signs which can indicate nerve damage:

1. Difficulty moving one part of the body

This sign or symptom clearly shows that something is wrong. If a motor nerve is atrophied, mobility is one of the first things to be affected.

2. Tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation

This tends to be from pressure on the nerves. Often, this sign can be intermittent.

3. Pain in just one leg

A feeling of pain that begins in the lower back and extends to the legs is usually caused by the damage of the sciatic nerve.

4. Lack of coordination

This sign can indicate damage to the nerves responsible for the body sensing the characteristics of the environment around it.

5. Incontinence

While urinary incontinence can have many causes, nerve damage is one of the most serious, especially if accompanied by another symptom.

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6. Sweating very little

Hypohidrosis is a very common symptom of nerve damage, because the nerves in charge of regulating the body by sweating are damaged.

7. Injuries as a result of lack of feeling

It often occurs that a person is incapable of feeling the heat of an object, so they touch it before noticing it's hot, and it causes them to be burned. This kind of desensitization is caused by damage to the sensory nerves.

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If you notice any of these 7 signs, it isn't necessary to be alarmed, but you should see your doctor immediately. It may not be a damaged nerve, but it's best to check in order to figure it out.

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