51-Year-Old Julia Roberts Proved Again She Is Still That “Pretty Woman” At The Golden Globes 2019 Awards

January 15, 2019

Julia Roberts still remains that Pretty Woman even though the talented American actress is already in her early fifties.

In 1991, she was only 23 when People magazine entitled her "World's Most Beautiful Woman" for the first time. Over the years, the woman didn’t stop improving and has earned this award 4 more times!

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The American actress has proved that over the years she doesn’t stop becoming more and more of a beautiful woman.

A beauty icon at 51

During the latest Golden Globe event, Roberts had yet another opportunity to show that her beauty and elegance have matured and made her even more attractive.

During the ceremony, she decided to wear a stunning Stella McCartney outfit that left all her fans speechless due to its immaculate match, allowing Julia to combine her distinctive style with modern trends.

The outfit consisted of black trousers, accompanied by a nude asymmetrical blouse, with a long tail that resembled a delicate dress.

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However, not only her attire drew so much attention; her long and luxurious hair is also a perfect sign that a woman shouldn’t obligatorily get rid of it when reaching a certain age.

Social networks' reaction

The impressive outfit made social network users go crazy, praising the American actress for her fashionable choice.


Love it, she can pull anything off!


i like that she took a risk - for me it works 💖🙌🏼


I love this outfit😍

Others simply remembered that Julia is one of the most beautiful women in the world, regardless of what she wears:


She is timeless. She looks GREAT!




Julia is aging like fine wine !

This is not the first time Julia attends the Golden Globe ceremony in pants. The first occasion happened 29 years ago when she surprised the public with a classic male suit and beautiful curly locks.

Time flies, but it allows Julia Roberts to become even more of a beautiful woman with her stunning outfits. What do you think about the daring fashion choice she opted for at the recent Golden Globe awards? Share your opinions in the comments.

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