Who's To Blame For The Decaying Marriage Of Felipe And Letizia? Royal Expert Reveals The Culprit

November 16, 2018 08:59

Even though Spanish monarchs try to put on their best faces in front of journalists, it is no secret that conflicts are quite common in their marriage. The strong and dominant character of Queen Letizia and the desire of King Filipe VI to avoid scandals have become an integral part of their everyday life.


Spanish Royal expert Jaime Peñafiel has deeply analyzed the situation and revealed who should be blamed for their marital failure. From the day of Letizia and Felipe’s engagement, the Queen showed that she would comply with all the rules.

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14 years later, Peñafiel assures that Queen Sofia was to blame for the terrible marriage of the monarchs, since, according to the journalist, she didn’t know how to educate her children properly, and they all ended up falling in love with the wrong people. The bad parental example led Philip, Cristina, and Elena to choosing their partners badly.

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According to Jaime, Queen Sofia endured all the humiliations of her husband, King Juan Carlos, instead of divorcing; something that negatively affected their children. As a consequence of his bad decisions, Felipe is afraid of all the possible problems with his wife. He remains a king who doesn’t know how to handle private affairs like his father.


Peñafiel says that Felipe has become a sad and overwhelmed person by the weight of his responsibilities and the constant scandals with Letizia, who apparently has forgotten that she isn’t a Queen, but rather a consort.

What do you think? How long will the Spanish royal marriage still last? Will they stay together until death do them part? Share your opinions in the comments.

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