Concerned About Taunting Her Newborn Daughter May Suffer, Mom Launched An Acceptance Campaign

May 13, 2019 17:26

All parents dream that their children are born healthy so that they can enjoy life and have the best it has to offer. And when their little angels face obstacles or hardship, mommies and daddies do whatever it takes to make their lives better.

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This is the case of Carolina Fenner, a Brazilian woman living in the US who recently gave birth to her first daughter, little Luna. After 48 hours of labor, she was overwhelmed to hold her baby, but at that moment, something disturbed her bliss.

Luna was born with a rare skin disease – congenital melanocytic nevus. The baby has a dark spot formed due to excessive accumulation of melanocytes that covers almost her entire face.

Seeing her daughter, Carolina immediately fell in love with each of her traits. With that, she couldn’t help but fear for her future in a society of so little awareness and acceptance, where appearance matters too much.

This prompted her to start a campaign through Instagram to raise awareness about her little girl's condition and try to save Luna from future bullying.

The campaign has been so successful, that the account already has more than 7 thousand followers, many of whom have even painted their faces with a spot resembling Luna's to show their solidarity.

We have no words to describe all our gratitude ❤️ And I want the whole world to know more about Nevus and, especially, to learn not to act with indifference or prejudice only because they think something 'is not normal' at their point of view.

This wonderful initiative is important not only for Luna, but for all people suffering from conditions that make them look a little “different.” Thanks to mothers as committed as Carolina, we can dream of a better, more inclusive, and fairer world, wouldn’t you agree?