Unspeakable Act Of An Angry Mother Against Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Who Wanted To Rest

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May 13, 2019 17:34 By Fabiosa

What good is our civilization if it doesn’t guarantee the basic rights of all children? While technology advances by leaps and bounds in developed countries, there are millions of children who have to work for survival and don’t have access to education, not to mention those who suffer psychological or physical abuse at home.


These problems are not restricted to some countries or social strata, but affect all children to a lesser or greater extent. The greatest misfortune for children, however, is to be mistreated by those closest to them, because in this case, they have no one else to turn to in the whole world.

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A 3-year-old girl was captured on video being kicked by her mother while doing a modeling job. Apparently, her mother was not satisfied with her daughter’s performance during a commercial shooting and punished the girl.

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It became known that it was Niu Niu, a girl who models for very popular clothing brands. The video did not take long to cause a flurry of indignation towards the mother for exploiting her daughter and using excessive violence.

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Some people really don't deserve to be parents!

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Immediately Niu Niu's mother issued an apology, alleging that the incident had nothing to do with child abuse and that she doesn’t make money on her daughter's work. Still, thousands of users weren’t convinced. What do you think?

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How to prevent and solve this problem?

According to UNICEF data from end-2017, approximately 1 in 4 childen are engaged in child labor around the world. Education has become one of the most effective approaches to solve this problem, both in terms of prevention and protection.

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Children should be encouraged to receive a proper education. In order to eliminate child labor, governments and institutions should join forces with parents in an effort to:

  • provide children with everything they need;
  • ensure children’s good education;
  • provide employment for adults responsible for children’s education and care;
  • end social norms that legitimize child labor.

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We hope that the statements of Niu Niu's mother are true and that, in fact, she was only disciplining the kid. Let’s hope that little girl and every child in the world is surrounded with love and respect.