9-Year-Old Boy Committed Suicide Because Of Bullying He Suffered When He Openly Confessed About His Homosexuality

October 22, 2018 16:05

Before Jamel Myles committed suicide, the boy announced that his classmates from the Colorado elementary school had repeatedly asked him to do so. What could have caused such a cruel reaction from the other children?

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Leia Pierce, Jamel’s mother, provided explicit information, explaining that the death of her son was mainly caused by the harassment of his classmates who asked her son to commit suicide.

What could have caused such a negative attitude towards him?

The 9-year-old boy had told his mother that he thought he was homosexual, and that he was sure of his orientation, despite his young age. To the mother’s surprise, the child seemed quite serious. He never had problems in communicating with his classmates. However, they perceived the news rather sharply and began to abuse him after that.

Days after Jamel began 4th grade at Joe Shoemaker Elementary School in Denver, United States, police responded to a “medical incident,” claiming that the child had been harmed and immediately taken to a hospital where he was declared dead soon after.

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Denver police stated that although the circumstances surrounding Jamel’s death remain unclear, the investigation showed that his death was indeed a suicide. Authorities and school district officials haven’t confirmed that bullying was a factor of Jamel’s death, but have said the case is still under investigation.

What is bullying?

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Bullying is defined as physical or verbal aggression that is repeated over time. Statistics suggest that 28% of secondary school students have experience in being bullied, while 30% of high school students admit to bullying other students.

Unfortunately, children and adolescents who openly declare as homosexuals in their schools suffer an exponential increase in bullying. Gay, lesbian and bisexual students experience 79% more abuse; 51% more harassment than heterosexual students.

How can we stop it?

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It is necessary for parents to monitor their children’s behavior in order to notice the signs of depression that may be caused by bullying. It is important to develop feelings of tolerance and love in our children to prevent aggression toward others.

Cases like this shouldn’t continue repeating in the 21st century. A person’s sexuality shouldn’t define the way others treat him or her. We hope that Jamel’s family will stay strong enough to overcome this difficult time.

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