Innocent Joke Left The Boy Paralyzed For The Rest Of His Life. Now, He Warns Others To Stay Alert


March 15, 2019 17:08 By Fabiosa

The jokes inside the family and a company of friends are a great way to bring more fun to everyday life. However, sometimes, these harmless mischiefs can turn into terrible tragedies.

This was exactly what happened to Reece Kempley. He was on vacation with his friends who played a joke at him without any malicious intent.

Unfortunately, his bad luck resulted in a serious injury that paralyzed and left him in a wheelchair for life.

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He was enjoying the last day of holidays on a Greek island and went to a party on a yacht with one of his friends. Everything was going on well until a girl at the party asked him if he knew how to swim. Upon receiving a positive response from Reece, she pushed him into the water.

Unfortunately, the depth of the sea in that area was minimal, so Reece hit his neck against the ocean floor. When he tried to stand up, he realized he couldn’t move. After that, he fainted until he arrived at the hospital.

Later, he discovered that his paralysis would be incurable. He had forever lost his favorite hobby: amateur football tournaments. Reece explains that the most ridiculous thing here is that he didn’t put himself in risk: he wasn’t drunk and didn’t do anything stupid.

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Well, this accident shows the increased possibility of unexpected outcomes from the jokes played by young people. In fact, social networks have increased the interest of uploading funny videos, generating a greater tendency to this type of dangerous games.

It is essential to take into account the risks of such jokes. The girl who pushed Reece had no evil intention and even took the precaution of asking if he knew how to swim to avoid drowning. However, the results are still often unexpected and may turn out to be devastating.

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Following his accident, Reece has decided to make his story known to warn about the dangers of playing 'innocent' jokes to avoid similar disasters. On the other hand, YouTube has informed all its users that videos containing irresponsible, violent, or dangerous jokes will be automatically deleted not to let anybody make money on this type of content.

Meanwhile, Reece Kempley tries to raise funds through a GoFundMe campaign to pay for costly rehabilitation treatment. Eventually, it helps achieve incredible results in cases similar to his.

What about you? Do you think it's really worth paying your health in exchange for a moment of laughter? Have you ever been a victim of similar 'jokes'? Share your experience in the comments.

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