4 Stingiest Zodiac Signs: Don’t Hold Your Breath For A Gift From Them

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April 15, 2019 17:57 By Fabiosa

One of the perks of being in a relationship is to get pleasant surprises from your special one once in a while. Small gifts allow sweethearts to show what they mean to each other. But there are zodiac signs so stingy by nature that you can abandon any hope of receiving a gift from them.

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There is a slight confusion between the qualities of being thrifty and stingy, so we’ll briefly go over the difference. Thrifty people think about the future; they put some money aside for when a special occasion comes, having collected a certain amount of money so they can spend on said occasion.

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By contrast, stingy people strive to save money on everything at all costs, despite having sufficient funds. When they are forced to spend, they usually opt for the cheapest option even if they can easily afford something better. Here are some of the most miserly signs of the zodiac.

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They spend money only on essential things. Although they are not exactly greedy, don’t hold your breath for them to dip into their pockets for something they don’t consider very practical.

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Cancer people can spend as much as representatives of any other sign, but when they set their mind on a certain amount, they won’t give a penny more. This trait makes sharing expenses with them rather difficult.

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People born under this sign like to bargain and always look for the lowest price, although in the end the cheap often ends up being more expensive. They transfer this trait into their relationships, negotiating and scheming in order to spend as little as possible.

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They only buy what’s really necessary, which means that they can wear the same outfit for years until it's completely useless, and still think twice before going shopping. Imagine what they think about buying a gift for someone else!

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If you are not afraid of living much more modestly than you can afford, you won’t have a problem with these signs. But if generosity is among the qualities you look for in your partner, check out these lavish spenders!

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