She Bought A New Swimsuit But Didn’t Try It On: The Poor Woman Paid For Her Mistake At The Beach

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April 17, 2019 12:26 By Fabiosa

Every woman knows that struggling to fit into a new piece of clothing may be a real problem. Especially if it is a swimsuit. In an effort to look better during her beach vacation, mother-of-four Liz Petrone bought herself a new bikini. However, she didn’t realize what a big mistake she had made until it was too late.

The woman shared that she decided to buy a new swimsuit for a cherished weekend rest, but she hadn’t put it on before.

I can't help it, I know it's dumb, but this is what I do because I'm a masochist and I still like to let myself believe that the universe is conspiring in my favor when really I think God and Mary and my mom are up there laughing at my naivete and pouring another round.

It turned out that the two-piece bikini the woman had bought looked like mullet-style swimsuits – small and tight at the top and quite wide at the bottom.

Liz said she had decided not to try it on, even though the design seemed a bit strange to her. As a joke, the woman said she considered herself a woman of faith and went to the beach like that. The water looked very refreshing and alluring, so she went to premiere her newly acquired garment without expecting any surprise. In the end, the top of the swimsuit couldn’t even be knotted around:

I'd been in a new Marshall's and must have lost my bearings and ended up in the juniors section because the lovely little boob cups were clustered together in the middle of my chest like two shy sisters afraid to let go of each other.

The unfortunate story didn’t end here. The lower part had to reach the waist, but it turned out to be a bit sketchy as well. It looked as if she had stuffed her grandma's underwear into the washing machine and it shrunk.

That's exactly what Liz thought as she tried to get into the swimsuit by all possible means. In fact, the woman tensed her abdomen thinking that maybe she had gained weight and, finally, she prayed hard to make the swimsuit fit. At the same time, her husband had had the same swimming shorts since they got married.

The solution was magically simple. She found her old, loyal swimsuit, put it on and appeared in front of the shocked family, who hoped to see her wearing a new bikini. She joined them in the water and was able to enjoy the vacation that she had dreamed of so much in the company of the ocean’s majesty.

Undoubtedly, women worry a lot about their appearance and end up buying clothes that they aren’t completely sure of. Sometimes, as Liz learned, it is better to put comfort over appearance. This is the way to enjoy your life, and other women should try it as well.