Paris On Alert: Ferocious Fire Destroys The Majestic Cathedral Of Notre Dame


April 16, 2019 16:52 By Fabiosa

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the first destinations for all travelers who visit Paris. The architectural masterpiece was built over 800 years ago with a particular Gothic style that has enchanted hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

However, Paris citizens and people all over the world have received the terrible news on April 15. The majestic historic building is under flames.

The Notre Dame cathedral on fire

That's right, one of the most visited historical monuments in Europe has burst into flames. Firefighters have been trying hard to stop the cathedral from burning to the ground.

The terrible fire devastated a large part of the place. The actual damage of the flames is still unknown. Thousands of firefighters showed up immediately to stop the blazing fire that has gone out of control.

The fire started in the upper part of the cathedral and has spread to the rest of the building in a few minutes. The upper part of the steeple and the cathedral clock have already collapsed. The flames have spread rapidly, and the roof of the famous Parisian church has also been broken.

The origin of the fire is unknown, but firefighters suspect it could have started with the restoration work that was being carried out on the roof of the cathedral. No injuries or victims have been reported, although currently is still under investigation.

The police and Paris authorities have immediately closed the place and evacuated the numerous tourists who were inside at that moment. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, canceled all business and arrived at the area of the disaster. Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, asked citizens and tourists to respect the security measures to avoid possible accidents while firefighters try to control the flames.

People all around the world are devastated by the news

The witnesses of the terrible disaster soon commented on their feelings on social networks. The Cathedral of Notre Dame has a significant historical value and seeing it burning is one of the most painful events anyone could possibly imagine.

Even though many atheists and irreligious celebrate the fall of one of the most famous monuments in history, hundreds of people defend the place and assure that one needn't be a believer to admire one of the most significant architectural pieces in the history of humanity.

Notre Dame is one of the most exceptional representations of Gothic art and has immense cultural value. No one has any right to be pleased with the masterpiece dying. Thousands of netizens felt devastated to see that the most famous cathedral in the world aflame in front of their eyes.

Terrible news for humanity. The tragic fire has left a great scar on France’s history. Even though the cathedral can be renovated, it will never be the same genius architectural monument again.