3-Story Primary School Collapsed With More Than 100 Children Trapped Inside

March 14, 2019 14:59

A 3-story building of a primary school collapsed during school hours in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. A frantic rescue operation is underway to recover dozens of children trapped in the ruins.


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As for now, there have been eight confirmed deaths, while dozens are yet to be saved.

There were more than 100 children inside the educational establishment located on the top floor of the 3-story building in Ita Faji. Despite the outstanding effort of the rescuers, only 40 kids have been rescued so far.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch the rescue operation and encourage the emergency workers.

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Unfortunately, all available data is nothing more than rough estimates as the exact number of deceased or trapped is yet to be confirmed. One thing is absolutely clear – these children need our prayers right now. Their only hope is the rescue team working nonstop.

The rescue operation still continued when heavy machinery arrived.

We hope that the life-saving operation will end soon with minimum casualties and all the children will see their families again. In the meantime, it is up to Nigerian officials to facilitate the rescue and provide the families of those affected with necessary support.

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