Woman Panhandled "To Buy Baby Stuff” With A $500 Purse And A New iPhone X

March 20, 2019 17:54

It is unfortunate that there are so many people less fortunate than us. Some of them are forced to beg on the streets in order to survive. But it is even more unsettling that there are people who don’t really need financial help yet ask for it.

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This is why the New Jersey police department is trying to raise awareness through their Facebook account. They encourage people to think twice before giving money to someone on the side of the road with a sign because it could be a scam. This was the case with the woman in the photograph released by the authorities.

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The police informed that they found a woman who claimed to be Romanian obstructing traffic by asking drivers for money to supposedly buy diapers for her baby. However, witnesses noticed some jewelry on her, a purse valued at approximately $500, and an iPhone X that retails for almost $900!

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The well-off ‘beggar’ aroused suspicion of the authorities. During the course of the investigation, she eventually confessed that she and other women were dropped off to beg in New Jersey.

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In the end, the woman was issued a ticket and taught us a lesson: there is nothing wrong with wanting to help, but make sure you are helping those who really need it. It is better to donate to charity through dedicated organizations or shelters.

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There are ways in which we can be charitable without getting scammed. You can donate your time or skills, give blood to hospitals, give away belongings that you no longer need, raise funds for charities, donate your credit card rewards, oror b in stores that support good causes, to mention just some of the ways suggested by USA Today.

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