Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Drop-Kicked In The Back! His Reaction Proves He Isn’t Only An On-Screen Hero

May 21, 2019 16:29

Arnold Schwarzenegger has perpetuated his identity as one of the most athletic men in history. Although he is already 71, he is still an active sports and healthy lifestyle promoter.

This was exactly why he recently visited South Africa to take part in another sporting event, the Arnold Sports Africa Festival, which gathers thousands of athletes in bodybuilding competitions and some combat disciplines every May.

Although most of the people were delighted with the actor’s appearance, some ill-wishers wanted to express their discontent and chose the most violent way to do so.

When Schwarzenegger was talking to his fans, another man unexpectedly kicked Arnold in his back in a powerful jump. As can be seen in the video that was shared on the actor's social networks, only a few seconds were enough for the security to get the arrogant man, who was then immediately handed over to police.

TyCSports / Twitter

Even though The Terminator actor is already over 70, he showed that he is still strong since the kick barely forced him to lean forward. Moreover, he soon even pointed out that he didn’t realize he was hit until he watched the video:

In addition, he insisted on ignoring the attack and, instead, invited to share the images and videos of the athletes competing during the festival:

Finally, he clarified that he won’t charge the person who attacked him from behind, and even expressed his hopes that this experience will be the necessary shake the anonymous man needs:

As expected, this incident quickly went viral on social networks. The actor’s fans expressed their support and admiration for the way he handled the attack:

Undoubtedly, this episode showed that, even though the most brilliant moments of his career have been left behind, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an inspiring star and a man of great strength – both physical and moral. What do you think? Was Arnold’s reaction honorable, or should he have charged the man for attacking him? Share your thoughts in the comments.