Prince Charles Forgot About The Protocol And Talked About His Mischievous Grandchildren

March 11, 2019 16:08

It is quite common for children to get into trouble for being mischievous since they are curious by nature. However, it is a rarity to see royal children misbehaving this way because they are educated to comply with the protocol.

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Apparently, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the children of the Dukes of Cambridge. It seems they have fun playing and playing mischievous tricks. Even though strict education continues, Kate and William still want their kids to live like other children.

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However, it seems there is someone who is tired of Charlotte’s and George’s mischief. Even though when Prince Charles became a grandfather he was relaxed when accompanied by his grandchildren, now it seems everything has changed:

My grandchildren wear me out, I don't know how you do it.

At 70, Charles is no longer a young man and commented that playing with his grandchildren tires him out a lot. However, the official photographs of his birthday shared by the royal family show the love he feels for his grandkids.

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In an interview, the next king of England shared a funny story that involves his collection of trees. Charles admitted that he shouldn’t let his grandchildren approach one of the last specimens he acquired – an Oriental beech:

I mustn't let my grandchildren get hold of this!

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The Prince of Wales and his older grandson, George, seem to share the same love for botany. Both have planted trees together and seemed to enjoy watching them grow over time. In this way, Charles hopes his grandson will be interested in nature.

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Finally, he confessed that he had a great weakness for George, Charlotte, and Louis. He is also very excited about the arrival of his fourth grandchild, who will be born in April. We are sure that he will treat the new baby with the same tenderness that he expresses to William’s children.

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What do you think about the mischievous nature of Charles' grandchildren? Are your ones similarly active? Share your experience with us.

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