Storm Callum Visited Princess Eugenie’s Wedding: Annoying Wind Caused A Few Embarrassing Moments With The Women’s Skirts And Hairdos

October 15, 2018 18:21

Weddings are always beautiful and fill our hearts with pure delight. Even though Princess Eugenie would like her guests to feel exactly like this, the ceremony was accompanied by an unfortunate inconvenience. The severe wind became the frustrating but at the same time hilarious cause of a few embarrassing moments.

Finally, Princess Eugenie of York got married.

Harry’s cousin has been dating Jack Brooksbank since 2010 when they fell in love at first sight. He is a leading British banker and descendant of the Brooksbank Barons. From that moment on, they have been seen on numerous events together.

In January 2018, the couple finally made their relationship official. After that, they also set the date of the wedding, which took place on October 12 in St. George’s Chapel, in Windsor on a really windy day.

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Windy October 12

Storm Callum has been documented as one of the strongest in 3 decades. It has already caused a great mess in several European countries including Great Britain. Some Irish hotels have been damaged particularly bad.

Almost all weddings may experience unexpected things, and the possible consequences of storm Callum should have been foreseen. It turned out that almost all the guests suffered some embarrassing moments during the ceremony.

How Callum played tricks on the royal wedding guests

This was one of the minor drawbacks on Princess Eugenie of York's wedding, but the wind messed a lot of women’s skirts and hairstyles. For example, Luise Windsor, Prince Edward’s daughter, had a very hard time. While the girl climbed the stairs of St. George’s Chapel the annoying wind showed a little more than the kid wanted.


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has also been slightly embarrassed when her skirt flew up. She looked spectacular, but it seemed that the wind wanted her to attract even more attention.

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It also cost poor Princess Anne a few complicated moments. In addition to holding the skirt to prevent it from rising, she had to hold her hat and a small shawl she wore on her back. Luckily, she managed to keep her private parts unseen.


Well, the windy weather turned out to be both romantic and embarrassing for some of the guests. Unfortunately, poor Luise had flashed a bit of her underwear unwillingly. However, the wedding wouldn’t have been complete without a few mishaps. Do you agree?

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