Father Dressed Up As A Ballerina For A Funny Photoshoot With His Daughter

December 11, 2017 16:30

A Brazilian 34-year-old metallurgist, Herbert Pereira da Silva, has never danced in his life, but he is also little Melina Luca Silva’s father. It so happens that the two-year-old girl can make him get onboard with any adventure she wants to embark on.

The father and daughter decided to have an unusual picture taken, so they put on their pink tutus. The theme of the little girl's next birthday party will be ballerinas, and the pictures will be part of the decoration.

All the pictures were taken by the photographer Cassio Claro, in the area known as Capela do Jacú, near the city of Lavrinhas in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. Melina’s birthday is in December, and the photographer has not charged for his services, preferring to do it as a gift for the little girl.

Well, actually, Claro just wanted to take some unusual pictures and took advantage of the situation to create something fun and memorable with Herbert and Melina.

The little girl’s mother, 32-year-old administrative manager Alessandra Cristina Novaes Luca Muniz, said that Herbert is the kind of father that does anything to please his daughter. This is the second time already, in which the two of them have done something like this. In 2016, they dressed up as the characters of the animated series “Masha and the Bear.” One could die from so much cuteness!

As soon as they did the pictures as Masha and the Bear, we attended a ballet rehearsal and decided that it would be a great theme for this year. Coincidently, Melina also wanted it to be the theme for her birthday party and there was also a photographer in town who also wanted to do this type of work. Our friends who knew what we wanted to do tagged us in the photographer's publication and it worked out great.

Really cute, aren’t they? We wish our little story will inspire other dads not to be shy and have fun with their princesses to make them remember their sweet childhood.

Source: G1

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