Whoopi Goldberg May Not Be On Screen But She's Still Busy With Projects

December 8, 2017

Short career overview

You must have watched “Ghost” by now, or at least heard about it or “Sister Act”. If your answer is yes to one of these, you certainly know who Whoopi Goldberg is.

The actress and comedian was extremely popular during the 80s and 90s, and had roles in dozens of movies, either as a protagonist or more often as a spotlight-stealing supporting actress. However, Whoopi has been missing from the big screen and few people have heard any news about her. Why?

The actress, who turned 63 last November 13, hails from New York, in the USA. In 1985, she became known to the world due to her role in “The Color Purple”. Five years later, she was awarded the Oscar for best-supporting actress for her performance in “Ghost”, where her funny and energetic character stole the spotlight from Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

She played in "The Nanny"

Her movies were the most sought-after in video-rental shops (our younger readers will not know what we are talking about here) during the 90s, and most of her movies had her face on the poster. “Corina”, “Sister Act” and “The Nanny” made even the worst-tempered people laugh.

Where is Whoopi now?

Whoopi Goldberg is not just an actress and comedian. She is also a skilled voice-over actress. If you have watched “Lion King” with the original soundtrack, you will have heard her giving voice to Shenzi, the hyena. More recently, she lent her voice to Franny, in “Racing Stripes”.  You can also hear her as Margaret, the ranger from “Rugrats: The Movie”.

Even though she has been physically away from the big screens, Goldberg’s voice is still there. In addition to voice-over roles, she also joined the cast of “Glee”, from 2012 to 2014, as dean Carmen Tibideaux.

More recently, she accepted a role in “Descendants 2”, where she gives life to Ursula, the witch.

She also released a book about two years ago, “Run”, which is mostly about relationships.

Such a talented woman cannot deprive us of her presence, can she?

Source: Treco Box

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