10 Most Consumed Foods: The Exact Amount Of Sugar They Contain

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December 19, 2017 12:30 By Fabiosa

Some products contain sugar for an obvious reason: to make them taste better! But, unfortunately, it contributes to some problems, such as diabetes and overweight. Today, we bring you the amount of sugar present in some foods compared to individual portions of sugar measured in packets of 0,18oz each.

1. Soft drinks

Everyone knows that soft drinks have excessive amounts of sugar and that they must be avoided in favor of freshly-made fruit juice. Only a few people, however, consider the exact amount of sugar found in one single can of soda. This one can of soda contains 7 packets of sugar.

2. Chocolate

White chocolate is richest in sugar. Darker chocolates are better, especially if they contain 60% of cocoa or more. Four pieces of milk chocolate contain, on average, 3 packets of sugar

3. Condensed milk

What is condensed milk? It is milk and sugar, nothing else! This is exactly why this product should be avoided as much as possible. But if you have a recipe that cannot be made without it, try to buy the light version!

4. Hazelnut Spread

Replace hazelnut spread with homemade spreads or fruit jelly because two tablespoons of hazelnut spread have 5 packets of sugar.

5. Yoghurt

Sugar is part of a yogurt's recipe to make it more palatable; therefore, you should try to buy light yogurt. A regular cup of yogurt contains 2 packets of sugar.

6. Ketchup

Ketchup, as incredible as it may seem, is also rich in sugar and contains 1 packet of sugar per tablespoon. Therefore, try to choose tomato sauce over ketchup.

7. Cream-filled cookies

Cream-filled cookies increase a person’s cholesterol levels because they are rich not only in sugar but also in saturated fat. Five cream-filled cookies contain 4 packets of sugar. Whenever possible, choose wholegrain cookies and biscuits without any filling.

8. Cereal

One cup of chocolate breakfast cereal amounts to 3 packets of sugar and should be replaced by corn cereal or healthier versions.

9. Powdered chocolate

A tablespoon of regular powdered chocolate contains 4 packets of sugar and should be replaced by lighter versions.

10. Jelly

6 tablespoons of jelly contain about 7 packets of sugar. Ideally, buy diet or light jelly.

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Source: Tua Saúde

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