No Barbie For Human Ken: Paparazzi Caught Rodrigo Alves Making Out With A Man!

September 26, 2018

Italy is one the most romantic countries in the world. Perhaps due to a special atmosphere, national cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and architecture, it fills tourists and foreign celebrities with the irresistible spirit of romance.

One of the latest victims is Rodrigo Alves better known as Human Ken Doll.

Rodrigo has undergone countless plastic surgeries and ended up looking like the famous doll, the Barbie’s groom.

Let us remind you that recently Rodrigo Alves has been involved in a scandal on British national television.

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But it didn’t seem to upset the TV personality and the other day in Milan, Mr. Alves was captured enjoying a sweet (very sweet) company!

Apparently, Rodrigo found love in the arms of Giacomo Urtis, a plastic surgeon! A couple made in heaven!

What else is there to say? We are happy for Rodrigo and Giacomo! Best wishes to the guys!

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