"All Bodies Are Beach Bodies": Ashley Graham Shares Fully Unretouched Swimsuit Campaign Photos

June 8, 2018 09:58

The summer is here, and many women spend much time worrying how their bodies will look in their bathing suits. But even if you think you are not "summer ready" because you don’t have toned legs and flat abs, there’s one woman that will inspire you to rock your bikini with confidence.

Ashley Graham is no stranger to empowering people to embrace body positivity. The 30-year-old became the first Sports Illustrated plus-size model, even though the magazine is known for featuring only athletic and thin women.

And she likes giving us all reminders that each body is a "bikini body". On her Instagram, Graham has a series of pictures from her latest swimwear campaign. And there’s one noticeable difference: all snaps are unretouched!

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Like the majority of women, the model has stretch marks and cellulite. But she’s not ashamed of showing her imperfections. As Ashley says:

I'm not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite… and you shouldn't be either.

In an age of obsessive use of Photoshop, these images serve as a breath of fresh air. Luckily, Graham is not the only woman who reminds everyone they don't have to stress over having "the perfect beach body".

On Instagram, many people share their pictures without any filters to show that we are beautiful the way we are.

And they couldn’t be more right!

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