Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About The Heartbreaking Reason She Broke Away From Her Absentee Dad

June 5, 2018

Kelly Clarkson is an exceptional woman. The star can boast about a successful career with her 8 studio albums, 3 Grammy Awards, and countless fans all over the world.

She’s also a loving wife and mother to 2 beautiful children (and 2 stepchildren!). Kelly can walk into a room and make friends with everyone. But there’s at least one person, she’s not on good terms with – her dad.

When she released her deeply personal single ‘Piece By Piece’ in 2015, everyone was talking about it. The star sang about her father abandoning her when she was a child.

Is this a real story?

There’s actually a heartbreaking story behind the song. Clarkson’s parents divorced when she was only 6 years old.

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Sadly, it was not an amicable divorce. So, the break-up of her parents really split the family apart. Kelly stayed with her mother, her brother decided to live with their dad, and her sister moved to their aunt in NC.

Now, the siblings are very close. But the 36-year-old has no relationship with her dad at all. And the singer is perfectly fine with it.

As she says:

I think if you don’t grow up with it, it’s hard to miss something you’ve never had.

Of course, she tried to get in touch with her dad a few times but only because her older brother wanted the family to come together.

However, since it was still a straitened environment, and the dad didn't respond to her, the singer decided it would be better not to have this person in her life:

It’s not a hateful situation. It’s just you go your own way.

Luckily, her husband, Brandon Blackstock, is a complete opposite of how her father was. And their relationship gets stronger with each day they spend together.

So, hopefully, Kelly’s kids will never have to go through the same situation Clarkson had when she was a child.

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