Gender Reveal Party Goes All Wrong: Grandfather Gets Smacked In The Face By His Daughter-In-Law

June 7, 2018

The moment when a couple learns their baby’s gender is always touching and exciting. Still, modern parents try to make it as fun as possible. That’s why they come up with new ways of revealing the baby’s gender to the world.

For example, you can opt for squirt guns and arrange a fun photoshoot. It’s also a great idea either to have a silly string gender reveal party or a paint fight. More traditional ways to share the news are balloon box, confetti, or cake that reveals the baby’s gender once you cut it.

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However, sometimes everything might go not the way you expect. And the story of a Bay Area couple is living proof. Max McCauley and his pregnant wife Brittany have decided to turn his 27th birthday into a baby gender reveal party.

We wanted to do something a little special to tell everyone at the same time. We didn’t know the gender ourselves, so it was a surprise for everyone.

Brittany needed to throw a powder-filled baseball toward her husband who had to hit it with a bat. As a result, there should have appeared colored powder according to the baby’s gender. Here’s how Brittany remembers it:  

I was quite anxious and nervous that I was going to mess up the pitch, and Max kept telling me to back up because he wanted me to be at like regulation baseball field distance! I knew I was going to mess up!

However, everything went not the way they planned, and Brittany ended up throwing the ball at the grandpa-to-be. The woman felt terrible for hitting Max’s father, Scott McCauley.

Nevertheless, the video went viral on the internet, and the family will definitely remember their party forever!

Another couple, Jacqueline and Michael Davis, planned to reveal their baby’s gender at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Golf Tournament by hitting a golf ball filled with colored powder. By accident, they've learned Bill Murray was there, and he agreed to help them! You can imagine their happiness to see it was a boy!

All in all, it’s an awesome idea to have such a party! Later, your baby will be thrilled to watch the video.

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