Mother Of Manchester Bombing Victim Shares Her Helplessness When Realized Her Daughter Was Dead: 1 Year After The Horrendous Night

June 4, 2018 13:32

On May 22, a 22-year-old attacker detonated a home-made bomb in Manchester Arena’s foyer. It was a concert of the US singer Ariana Grande, and lots of people gathered to listen.

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As a result, 23 people were killed and 116 injured.

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Olivia Campbell-Hardy, a 15-year-old girl, appeared to be one of those killed in the attack. One year after that, her mother, Charlotte Hodgson, opened up about the moment she learned her daughter was gone.

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Back then, there was still some hope, as Olivia was known to be missing. However, her mother’s heart knew right there that her precious daughter was dead.

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It was horrendous that night - the waiting, the hollowness. Everyone kept asking how I felt that night and I was just hollow. They're right with what they say - a mother knows and I knew, I knew she'd gone.

After the horrible events, Olivia’s family moved from Manchester where everything reminded them of the tragedy.

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However, for the one-year anniversary of the attack, they have decided to return and join the families of other victims. They all gathered at Manchester Arena to commemorate their loved ones.