6 Household Tricks From 1950s Stay-At-Home Moms That Haven't Gone Out Of Style

November 23, 2017

Being a stay-at-home mom has never been easy, especially decades ago when technology wasn't so advanced. However, there are many women who've dedicated their time to making life easier for those who are desperate for more free time.

While it's true that times have changed, we can still use some of these old tricks even in 2017, because they're very useful!

1. Telephone trick

In 1953, Dorsey Connor recommended this trick in his book, 'Gadgets Galore', for women who had just one phone line and didn't have time to wait to receive a call. When a woman was moving around the house, Connor recommended putting the phone inside a large bowl or container on the floor. When the phone rings, the container amplifies the sound so that it can be heard from far away.

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2. Trick for a rainy day

One gem from the 1957 book, 'Encyclopedia of Household Hints and Dollar Stretches', recommends keeping a sponge by the back door on rainy days. When somebody comes in with a dripping umbrella or wet shoes, the sponge can be used to quickly clean up the water.

3. Cleaning trick

The author of 'The I Hate to Housekeep Book', Peg Bracken, urged readers to not complicate their lives and not use toasters, shelf liners, carpets or any other layer that will only add to your cleaning duties. Smart, right?

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4. Hosting trick

In those days, when a husband unexpectedly told his wife that his boss was coming for dinner, and there wasn't enough food, Peg Bracken recommended keeping calm and "serving things underneath other things." Strategically placing meat on top of potatoes or vegetables gives the appearance that the plate is full. Times have changed, but the trick can be used when you have a gathering at home and have to cater to an extra guest.

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5. Grocery shopping trick

Author, Marguerite Dodd argued that going to the store to buy a few things was an interruption in a woman's day that was best to avoid. She recommended limiting grocery shopping to once per week for buying dairy, fruit and vegetables. Meat, according to Dodd, should be bought every month and stored in the freezer, together with selected frozen vegetables. Non-perishable goods such as tinned food, pasta, and rice should be bought regardless of available pantry space, since they can be stored in other places around the home.

6. Recycling trick

The words re-use and recycle were looked down on in the 1950s, being associated with poverty. But Connor's 1953 book included several clever ideas about how to reuse everyday objects. Old garden hoses, for example, could be cut and put around bucket handles to make hauling soapy water more comfortable. Old garden hoses could also be used as a form of irrigation by poking holes in the upper part.

Some old tricks are definitely still useful these days. Anything that makes life in the home simpler is always very welcome.

Source: Country Living

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