Useful Ideas To Decorate A Small Bedroom That Will Double The Space Visually

October 16, 2017

A bedroom is probably the most popular place in the house. We use it for sleeping, working, reading, or even eating. For this reason, it is very important to create a perfect environment, where we can forget about all our troubles and feel safe and comfortable. Of course, it can be rather challenging to plan a bedroom décor, especially for a small room. Choosing a proper color and nice furniture is trickier than you think. Here are some useful ideas that can help everyone to decorate a bedroom and to give a breath of new life into it. And remember not to use these colors for small rooms:


Choose the right color

When it comes to choosing a bedroom color, there are some moments you need to keep in mind. If you use your bedroom as a place for relaxation, then you need to choose the neutral and calm colors. Beige, black, grey, and white will be a good idea. You may combine a couple of colors to get a vivid look of a room, but do not mix four or five paint colors. It will be too much for the bedroom.

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Of course, some people use the bedroom not just as a place to sleep in. Sometimes, the whole apartment consists of one bedroom and a bathroom only. And if a person has a bright imagination and a great desire to express his/her creativity in this single room, then we can advise to pick up more impressive paints. Anyway, each bedroom is so personal that only its owner can decide what is best.

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Pay attention to the furniture

Choosing the right furniture for a bedroom is not so simple, especially for the small one. In this case, try to maximize the storage space. Don’t place too many shelves for books on the walls, or lamps, or flowerpots, etc. Use the space logically. Pick up only the furniture you really need. Your grandmom’s old carpet or an old-fashioned chair need to be hidden in the closet.

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Choose accessories

Even if you use the bedroom just for sleeping, it doesn’t mean that it should look boring. Don’t make the bold walls, just add some bright accessories, and you’ll see that details can make a mood. If you are not sure what to choose, you may read decorating magazines and look through different photos of bedrooms there. See which ones you like most and apply the new ideas in practice.

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Consider the size

If your bedroom has a small size, you can trick the eye with mirrors. A good mirror can visually double the space. Still, keep the balance.

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It’s all about the bed

When you are in your bedroom, most of the time you spend in bed. It makes sense. So, pay a special attention to the choice of a perfect bed. It should make you feel comfortable because a good bed means a good sleep, and a good sleep means a good mood. And of course, the bed should be nice to create a stylish and cozy look of the room in general.

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We hope you liked these useful ideas, and they can help you create a perfect design of your bedroom.

Source: ELLE Decor