6 Everyday Things You Are Doing To Hurt Your Spine Without Even Realizing It

March 7, 2018

Did you know that the spine is the most complex joint in your body? But that is not all. Your spine is responsible for many important things: It bears your weight and keeps you upright. Moreover, this part of your body plays a crucial role in the nervous system. At the same time, your spinal cord is very fragile and delicate, and when it is out of wrack, you may experience various health issues, ranging from spasms and numbness to debilitating pain.

Surprisingly, many everyday activities may slowly damage your spine. Check out the list of things you may be doing that hurt your spinal cord.

When you carry heavy shopping bags on one side of your body, your spine tilts towards one side. If you use this position regularly, it can result in spine damage and severe neck pain.

2. Poor posture

When you age, gravity works against your body and causes your spine to compress. Poor posture can worsen the situation and make your spinal cord to compress even further. As a result, it leads to pain, troubles with the disks and in severe cases even rounds your body. How to fight this problem? First of all, try to stand upright with your chest lifted. Be sure that your shoulders are down away from ears. Exercise to provide muscular support to the spine. Think of core strengthening and yoga as they can be effective in working against the compression.

3. Smartphone addiction

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. According to a study conducted by technology insurance provider Asurion, people in the United States check their phones 80 times a day on average. Smartphone addition can be harmful to your mental well-being, but it also can hurt your spinal cord. When you are leaning down to stare at the screen, your posture causes the upper spine into an over-flexed position that can result in neck pain.

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4. High heels

Yes, your outfit is spectacular with those heels, but your posture is really not. Walking and standing in heels make your back and hips to flex. It forces your body to lean forward and knocks your spinal cord out of alignment.

5. Sleep position

As it turns out, our sleep position can contribute to health problems. The way you sleep can result in neck and back pain. Sleeping on your tummy puts pressure on the neck and the spine’s arch which can lead to problems with your spinal cord. This sleep position is also associated with tingling and numbness as belly sleeping compresses the spine for many hours.

6. Household chores

Well, some people consider household chores as a great form of physical activity, and it is true. But some activities such as vacuuming and mopping can be a real challenge for your spine. Be sure you maintain a good posture while cleaning your home as it can prevent spinal strain and back pain.

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