Duane "Dog" Chapman Announces His Wife Beth Is Cancer Free

November 29, 2017 11:01

The family of popular American reality television star Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman definitely has a lot to celebrate. The star revealed on Monday Night that his wife is now cancer free.

Duane and Beth Chapman's love story

'Dog' is an American bounty hunter and reality star who starred in the reality television programs called Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth on the Hunt. Beth Chapman starred alongside him in these shows. The couple prior to their marriage in 2006 had an on-and-off romantic relationship, even marrying other people. In 1995, the couple became partners in business and personal lives, thus finally blending their families and moving in together. After 16 years together, they married on May 20th, 2006. The couple has two children together and stepchildren from their previous relationships.

Fight with terminal illness

Beth Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year, and on September 15th, 2017, her husband confirmed the diagnosis through Twitter. The couple in a series of social media posts resolved to stay positive and thanked their fans and loved ones for their prayers and well wishes. Beth stated that,

I will fight every step of the way…………My husband and children are counting on me to be there for years to come. I am so very grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who have given me incredible support during this very challenging time.

Good news

The couple revealed the happy news that Beth is now cancer free during A&E’s two-hour special, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives, which documented her battle against cancer. 'Dog' was the one who received the phone call, in which he was told that Beth's recent pathology report showed she is cancer free. Congratulations to the Chapman family, and hopefully Beth will remain in good health for long.

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