Jim Carrey Slammed For Sarah Sanders Caricature

March 20, 2018 10:17

It is no secret that comedian Jim Carrey has never been a big fan of Donald Trump or his administration. On January 13, a false alarm was raised in Hawaii about a missile attack. Carrey who was in Hawaii at the time took to Twitter to give President Trump and the world a piece of his mind.


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In a tweet that instantly went viral, Carey called Trump a “one-man Gomorrah” bent on “alienating the world”.

Uproar over caricature

His latest caricature of White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is garnering a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter. And Carrey is far from subtle in his caption, as he makes his opinion of Sanders very clear.

One Twitter follower, @BlessedTNGal, didn’t seem to find Carrey’s latest work particularly amusing. She even suggested that the 56-year-old comedian was a perpetrator of cyberbullying. No comment from Carrey on that one.


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Anti-Trump Carrey

When he is not making comedy, Jim Carrey loves to paint. Lately, he has been sharing his work on social media. A lot of his pieces are pretty colorful and follow a certain theme. They critique President Trump and his White House administration.

One of his more bizarre pieces shows a screaming President Trump with an equally brazen caption. His tweets often go viral, as Carrey commands a followership of over 17.9million fans.

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Jim Carrey