Katie Piper Seeks God's Protection As Her Attacker May Be Freed Soon

March 14, 2018 13:04

In 2008, Katie Piper was the victim of an acid attack in London. The perpetrator was her ex-boyfriend, a man she knew as Danny Lynch. He engaged another man called Stefan Sylvestre to perform the dastardly act. Prior to the attack, Lynch raped Piper.


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Piper was in her early 20s at the time and was an aspiring model. She also appeared on late-night TV shows on the DIY channel. Following the attack, she became one of the first people to have a full-face MatriDerm treatment. Her attackers were both given life sentences.


Piper asks for God’s protection as Sylvestre may be free soon

Ten years after the horrific event, Piper is again in fear. Word is that Stefan Sylvestre may be released from jail. A hearing has been set for April as Sylvestre’s legal team argues that the assailant is no longer a threat.

Sylvestre was 20 at the time of sentencing in 2009. His sentence was indefinite, but he has served the minimum time for his crimes and is liable for parole. In December 2015, an appeal for release was rejected by the US court.

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Just hours after Piper heard the news, she shared a message on her Instagram saying 'God protect me from ANYTHING that wasn't sent by you.' It is possible that Piper fears a reprisal by Sylvestre once he gets out of jail.

Life goes on

Piper’s life changed a lot since the attack. She had to undergo hundreds of surgeries. But now, she has reason to smile. She got married to Richard Sutton in 2015, and together, they have two beautiful children.


Belle Elizabeth Sutton was born on 14 March 2014, and Penelope Diane Sutton was born on 10 December 2017.

Piper’s scars may be a grim reminder of her past, but her future looks absolutely beautiful.

Since the incident, Piper has made several appearances on television. Furthermore, her story of survival despite the odds was told in her memoir, 'Beautiful'. It is an inspiration to other people who experienced similar attacks.

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