Michelle Obama Praises 'Black Panther' And Says It Inspires Young Black People

February 21, 2018

With everything that is going on in Hollywood lately, it seems like Black Panther has taken the spotlight. And in many ways, it marks a major shift in movie culture and perceptions surrounding superheroes.

The Walt Disney Co. blockbuster has smashed Presidents’ Day weekend sales, pulling in over $235 million. It is a landmark achievement for a movie that predominantly features African-American actors and filmmakers. The previous record holder for the Presidents’ Day weekend sales was Deadpool in 2016 with $152.2 million.

Black Panther is showing in 4,020 theaters across the U.S.

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Michelle Obama praises 'Black Panther'

The former First Lady of the United States shared this post on Twitter. She congratulated the entire team that worked on the film. Particularly, she noted that Black Panther would inspire a generation of African-Americans showcasing heroes that look like them.

Speaking about the success of Black Panther, Dave Hollis, president of global distribution at Disney said, “If you can have something that authentically is a showcase of the diversity of the world, people will respond favorably to it.

Celebrities love it

Several celebrities have also chipped in their thoughts on the new film. And they all seem to love it just as much as the rest of us.

Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the MCU movies was also excited about the new film.

Black Panther was announced in 2014 and cost $200 million to make. Film aggregator gives the film a score of 100%. It is well on its way to hit the half-billion-dollar mark very soon.

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